Aircraft Hangars

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Rutherford Construction Rutherford Construction [Link to About Us] has a solid reputation for open communication, safety and expediency among our clientele in the aviation industry. We take immense pride in being a construction company that provides value and excellent customer service.

Since our aviation construction team has a vast knowledge of airfields and aviation-related facilities, this allows us to offer you innovative building solutions. Whether you want to build a new airplane hangar or an engine shop, our commitment is to provide you with a high quality facility, monitor your project for cost effectiveness and adhere to a strict construction schedule.

In addition to aircraft hangars, we can also build:

  • Helicopter hangar
  • Glider storage
  • Aviation equipment storage
  • Aviation workshop

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The Best Warranties in the Industry

40-year warranty

40-year limited rust-through perforation warranty on AZ55 Galvalume® roof panels

40-year warranty

40-year limited paint warranty

Fastener warranty

One year workmanship warranty